Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Cautionary Tale.


In my last blog I mentioned an accident involving metallic green paint and a craft knife.

I undid my Stewart Gill Paint (so metallic and shiny just right for Christmas) and the cardboard from the lid was stuck to the paint. So.. held on to pot with left hand and carefully used craft knife to get it off. Unfortunately it slipped and cut my knuckle. It bled a bit..well a lot but stopped and I thought nothing more about it until it started to throb.

The next morning I had a swollen knuckle and could hardly move my finger. It turns out we have tendons that go straight over our knuckles and they are prone to knife damage. Christmas eve involved a morning in day surgery having a tendon repair. I am very lucky as the cut was less than half way and no cast/splint for 6 weeks was needed.

Got me out off Christmas washing up though. I have to be careful for the next 2 weeks but I am sure I can manage some crafting.



I have not posted for a while. this is because a lot of what I have made are cards and things for people. Thanks to Heather at Jendeninks for card inspiration.

So here is some of what I have been up too..
Every wine bottle needs a jumper. I knitted a proper fair isle complete with raglan sleeves for my Mum. She like Brunello wine and this kept it lovely and warm. Problem is I now have to knit 2 more for my sisters.

Cant fit it all in but this is an advent village. I made 2 one for each girl. I cut out templates of houses and covered with all the left over bits of paper and card stock, a few numbers and decorations all done. The girls loved them. Thanks Creative Stamper for this idea.
This a snow flake from my cricut
This was made with an indigo go blue stamp and flitter flakes

This was another indigo blue stamp and silver embossing.

Thanks Jen and Heather for inspiration. I made other special cards such as a star card and swinging easel but I don't have pictures of them. 

This is an owl mobile I knitted for Heather. She is loves all things owl. It is actual a pattern for a baby but I added brighter colours suitable for my baby of 26.

And Finally....

A table present box. It was a kaiser box that was covered with gesso, then some hessian, ribbons, lace and tags. It was finally painted and I sprayed gold glitter spray on it so it sparkled in the light. It was not quite finished due to an accident involving the green paint on the bird cage and a craft knife. But everyone loved it all the same.

So a busy crafty lead up to Christmas. Which is not including the making of tags, decorations, mince pies and Christmas puddings. 

Hope you like x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cover everything with Gesso!!

Well there is lots to do for christmas. 2 advent villages, a Christmas box to house table presents and a box of treasures for my niece. So this afternoon has meant covering 48 chip boards house and a couple of boxes with gesso. I have also made a couple of other presents but advertising them here before the big day would spoil the surprise somewhat. So here is a picture of it all. I will show the finished articles hopefully.....

 It will all look better when finished honest!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Do You Do Voodoo


It has been a while since I have posted anything, but, life is like that sometimes. I have been to Barcelona and the architecture! Gaudi and the other modernistas were very talented. I am a little bereft of pictures as I managed to leave my camera on a city tour bus. What an idiot...

So today I am going to show my Voodoo Box that I made the end of October with Andy Skinner. I dragged my friend Vicky who doesn't do skeletons but we both had a great time. Vicky did not make her painting so dark and replaced the skull with a clock and the words 'Time Flies' instead of 'do you do voodoo' so all was good.

We were give a box, material, chip board and paint. Painting is always the best bit. Seeing what you are making taking shape and not looking like a bunch of stuff randomly stuck together. 

The skull and wings had fine detail added to it. I am pleased how the hinges etc came out as they look quite metallic.

Time ran out so the back had to be done at home. I used texture paste through a skull mask and when dried painted and highlighted and painted again. I very happy with the result. I am suppose to make a voodoo doll to go with this but a bit dubious about doing such things.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Dorset Buttons


Last week I went to the Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham and learnt how to make Dorset buttons. This was a fun evening and another string added to my crafting bow.

You need a ring such as a curtain ring it can be metal or plastic, embroidery thread or wool and a needle.

First you blanket stitch around the ring. I use a needle as I find that easier and quicker than threading by hand.

Then you turn the stitches inwards. This will make the edges neater. You then add spokes. Sorry I forgot  take a picture of this bit, so I pinched one from google images.

Then weave making sure you around each spoke so you get this pattern.

Finally you can decorate with wool, thread, sequins and beads. You can do all sorts of sizes and make them into brooches, embellishment for knitted scarves and hats and of course they can be used in scrap booking and mixed media projects.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nursery Rhymes

Last weekend I went with Vicky to Mevagissey for a journalling weekend with Linda Knight from Just Scrap booking. What a wonderful couple of days that was. There were 8 of us including a man (with his wife) and a lovely lady from Norway who was given this weekend by her family as a birthday gift. Can you imagine the craft expenditure when husband AND wife craft. No need to hide receipts and smuggle in stuff there. We were fed lovely home cooked food around a big farm table thank you Tim and Sally. I also have to say I rescued a sheep that was stuck on her back on an early morning walk to the bay. Bless her she was stuck at the fence slightly down hill on her back and expecting triplets. No wonder the poor girl couldn't get up.. I was a beached whale expecting one! On the way home Vicky and I went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan to say hello to the Mud Maid.

The focus on the weekend was journalling and we used a mixture of water colour, acrylics and pastels, we were also banned from the use of stamps.. hard I know. We had to draw and create. I chose my children's favourite nursery rhymes as my theme. I am sure they all thought I had completely cracked as I sung different ditties though out the weekend.

The Title page:

 This was made by sticking on pages from the Ladybird book of nursery rhymes and going over with a wash. Some splatting of ink, pastels and drawing it was done. I love the way you can see the cat peering through.
These are my babies. They probably will not forgive me for this one!
Too Market Too Market is one of Will's favourites. I drew on random lines with a bendy ruler (it probably has a technical name) and painted in between the line with water colour, then went over with pen. 
Heathers favourite Humpty Dumpty was done in the same way. I felt that the lines gave an impression of wall.
Jumping Joan... Becca's favourite was a transferred image from the book and then acrylic paint was added with my co-op card. (thought would be better than my visa card!) strips of paper, writing and pastels plus a bit of ink and it is finished. I still need to do a title for this though.

I found I am more at home with acrylic and a credit card. I think it was is the randomness of it all and my ability to use a credit card that helps. The man on the Moon involved face templates on patterned paper plus some people masks and lots of pastels. Linda Made up the rainy one as we went along during the weekend.. what a clever lady. I immediately thought of Dr Foster and his shower of rain.

Dip Dip Dip my blue ship, a favourite book for the bath. A photo printed on water colour paper and waves added with print. Washes of water colour and highlights with white pastel. The writing is in texture paste..I think or was it thick gesso.. cant remember! lovely result though.

And here is buzzy bee a favourite tickling game. We used masking fluid to draw the images and then painted. This was about my 5th attempt at a flower! I do not draw...Pleased with the result though and will continue to play with masking fluid.

This last one is not a rhyme but a quote by the Dali Lhama. I cut out the hands from a world map and managed to include a bit from all continents. Gold spray through a star mask added bling to the sky. I may well make a frame for this.

It was a truly wonderful weekend with wonderful people and have booked again for next year.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Christmas is a coming...

Good morning. Well it is October which can only mean one thing Christmas is a coming. I have a number of projects I want to do whether I achieve them all is a different matter. If only work and family life did not get in the way...

So the first thing is an advent calender. I went to Jendenink last week and put together and decorated a Kaisecraft  advent tree. We used lovely papers that were made to go with this. A bit of inca gold around the edges and a few embellishments and the finished tree is quite effective. I am going to take this to work so we can count down to Christmas.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dip Dip Dip My Blue Ship..

I was thrown down a challenge by Ruth of to create something out of bits and pieces found in my kitchen junk draw. You know the one.. where you throw all allen keys, screws, bits from flat packs and other bits and bobs - there was even a bearing from a skate board wheel. For a while I wanted to have a go at a boat picture I had seen in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I thought the round bits and bobs could be the sea.

I stuck on the bits and bobs with silicone glue, sealed and then put gesso on. Next I covered the sky with blue tissue paper and wrapped multicoloured tissue paper around the stuck on objects. I then got creative with Stuart Gill paints, stamps, dylusions ink and guilding stuff. Finally I added a boat that was cut from a scrap of gelli plate printing a while ago. (see, never throw anything out you never know when you need it!) I am quite new to this especially doing it on my own  and I am really quite pleased with result.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

I have had a busy couple of weeks so only just had time to catch up. Craft wise I have been on a cricut course with Heather and a Saturday crop both at Jendinks. I made some lovely cards but cant show them as they are for up and coming birthdays. At the crop I scrapped my craft room transformation using project life. It was a quick and easy way to scrap day to day events that do not require an elaborate page, it is also good for showing lots of photos on one page. The challenge though is making each page unique and not too much depth.

I had to go to Cardiff to support my daughter through a difficult exam. So, while she was working away I had a day to explore. I found (thanks Helen!) a wonderful shop called Claire Grove Buttons, it was small but packed full of buttons of all shapes, sizes and materials. I spent a small fortune but don't tell the husband!
Here as some pictures.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Second post of the day. This was inspired by a picture of butterflies in flight I have seen at Hillier gardens and of course I cant find the picture I took of it. Anyway, I decided to use paint techniques I learnt with Andy Skinner at the Craft Barn and stick on butterflies from from cut up napkins I have learnt with Jenny French from Jendink. It has not turned out quite how I expected it to as the butterflies blended in with the background once the glue dried so I had to edge them. Oh well, that means need more courses which is such a hardship....

So this weekend I have put ink to canvas. I have never done this before and saw an article in craft stamper and thought yes I must give that a go. I have added a photo and some flowers and stuff to put my own stamp on it so to speak. The photo was taken at the secret garden at Highclere aka as Downtown Abbey. There were loads of butterflies and so beautiful I got carried away with taking pictures.

I started by adding butterfly tape and then put gesso randomly over it.

I added the photo early on as I wanted it to blend in with the canvas. That worked well as it got splattered with the inks as I went a long. I used gesso between each layer making sure everything was dry. I did panic when the shapes of the stencils smudged a bit but realised that was what is meant to happen.

The finished product. I added flowers and butterflies. I really enjoyed the freedom and randomness of this. It was very liberating and great fun! As a first attempt I am really pleased.

I used dylusions ink sprays, distress paint, cosmic shimmer and archival ink pads. I used various stencils and stamps. The paper at the top is the secret garden by graphic 45. Dont you just love graphic 45!!!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Been really busy today. I went to a new tea room called The Tea Party with Nigel and it was delicious, however when I got home realised I had left without paying! Luckily it is in Lee so it was not far to go back. I have been practising my crochet today and made a phone cover and decorated with a couple of flowers. Not satisfied I embellished with some beads. It is not perfect but I feel it is good for my 1st attempt at making anything crocheted. My phone is now protected and warm.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

New crafting space.

Hi, my name Fiona and this is my first ever post on my first ever blog. I have recently acquired a craft room thanks to my son Will leaving home. This means I can craft at will and everything is where I left it and more importantly I don't have to pack everything away when finished. Sheer bliss and luxury. I have also have had a chance to review all my stuff and have found more is needed (can you ever have enough?). 

So here are some before and after pictures....

 It has taken me ages to get them this far. I am not going to try and reposition again. My son feels the before is better and that the desk, draws and walls looked better with writing all over it. I am not so sure.