Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Cautionary Tale.


In my last blog I mentioned an accident involving metallic green paint and a craft knife.

I undid my Stewart Gill Paint (so metallic and shiny just right for Christmas) and the cardboard from the lid was stuck to the paint. So.. held on to pot with left hand and carefully used craft knife to get it off. Unfortunately it slipped and cut my knuckle. It bled a bit..well a lot but stopped and I thought nothing more about it until it started to throb.

The next morning I had a swollen knuckle and could hardly move my finger. It turns out we have tendons that go straight over our knuckles and they are prone to knife damage. Christmas eve involved a morning in day surgery having a tendon repair. I am very lucky as the cut was less than half way and no cast/splint for 6 weeks was needed.

Got me out off Christmas washing up though. I have to be careful for the next 2 weeks but I am sure I can manage some crafting.



I have not posted for a while. this is because a lot of what I have made are cards and things for people. Thanks to Heather at Jendeninks for card inspiration.

So here is some of what I have been up too..
Every wine bottle needs a jumper. I knitted a proper fair isle complete with raglan sleeves for my Mum. She like Brunello wine and this kept it lovely and warm. Problem is I now have to knit 2 more for my sisters.

Cant fit it all in but this is an advent village. I made 2 one for each girl. I cut out templates of houses and covered with all the left over bits of paper and card stock, a few numbers and decorations all done. The girls loved them. Thanks Creative Stamper for this idea.
This a snow flake from my cricut
This was made with an indigo go blue stamp and flitter flakes

This was another indigo blue stamp and silver embossing.

Thanks Jen and Heather for inspiration. I made other special cards such as a star card and swinging easel but I don't have pictures of them. 

This is an owl mobile I knitted for Heather. She is loves all things owl. It is actual a pattern for a baby but I added brighter colours suitable for my baby of 26.

And Finally....

A table present box. It was a kaiser box that was covered with gesso, then some hessian, ribbons, lace and tags. It was finally painted and I sprayed gold glitter spray on it so it sparkled in the light. It was not quite finished due to an accident involving the green paint on the bird cage and a craft knife. But everyone loved it all the same.

So a busy crafty lead up to Christmas. Which is not including the making of tags, decorations, mince pies and Christmas puddings. 

Hope you like x