Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Cautionary Tale.


In my last blog I mentioned an accident involving metallic green paint and a craft knife.

I undid my Stewart Gill Paint (so metallic and shiny just right for Christmas) and the cardboard from the lid was stuck to the paint. So.. held on to pot with left hand and carefully used craft knife to get it off. Unfortunately it slipped and cut my knuckle. It bled a bit..well a lot but stopped and I thought nothing more about it until it started to throb.

The next morning I had a swollen knuckle and could hardly move my finger. It turns out we have tendons that go straight over our knuckles and they are prone to knife damage. Christmas eve involved a morning in day surgery having a tendon repair. I am very lucky as the cut was less than half way and no cast/splint for 6 weeks was needed.

Got me out off Christmas washing up though. I have to be careful for the next 2 weeks but I am sure I can manage some crafting.