Sunday, 26 January 2014

Crow Maiden

This is one of Nigel's favourite pictures and I thought I could put that on a canvas.

I covered the canvas in texture paste and then painted in a rough mix of white and a little black. Next I added hessian which I covered in gesso and then added a rough mixture of white and black. When dried I used bubble wrap to put slightly darker paint. I printed the picture on cream linen paper, roughed the edges and added some sewing and bead detail.

A bit of lace, pearls, black paint around the edges and I have to say I am pleased with the result. As is Nigel and it sits in the conservatory.

Comfort Zone

I have finished two projects today. The first is a copy of a saying I saw in Cafe Imbizo just along from Jenny French's shop and where we mostly lunch.

I feel this is so true especially with crafting. If I hadn't been encouraged to distress (oh my first go at distressing, I was sooo distressed), paint, tear, sew, bead and much more I would not be where I am now. I may be still learning but having such fun. After all what is the worst that can happen? I throw the page away or keep it as a reminder to not do that again!

As some of you know I went to Tibet and Kathmandu last year and a family member said how would I cope with the food, toilets, the people and hussle and bussle. I have to say the Tibetan toilets were something else....but my what a wonderful holiday.

So take yourself out of your comfort zone. What is the worst that can happen? You have a bad day, or else you experience something wonderful.....

I should not have added the pink around the edge but in the words of the the Ramones 'Hay Ho Let's Go'

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Finishing Touches


After all the Christmas crafting my room was looking well used....

No paper or craft product was harmed or accidentally thrown away in clearing up this space. I did however find a few mugs, plates, wine glasses and an empty wine bottle...

I also found I had about 10 scrap pages nearly but not quite finished. You know the ones, you come home from a class or crop and think I will finish that but then something else takes your fancy. So New Year was spent adding finishing touches.

These three are what I created with the talented Linda Knight at a workshop in Bournemouth. It was was great meeting up with everyone and meeting new people just as obsessed as me.

Spread Your Wings..

 I am not usually keen on painting a whole page in acrylic but this I liked. We put on  texture with paste, ribbons, card and lace. Then painted. We added a gold sparkly stuff (didn't make notes so don't know what it is called!).  Embellishment were added afterwards so you did not have a page all the same colour. These pictures were taken at Highclere on a lovely day spent with Val my Mum in Law.

Sculpture in the Gardens.

This was a good old torn paper, embellishments and
splatter of paint. Very much my comfort zone. The photo is a Sculpture from Hillier Gardens. It was perspex hanging in the tree. The way the light shone through changed the colour of everything beautifully.

A Fisherman's Prayer.

This page was done using water colour paints on wet watercolour paper. We were meant to use 2 colours but I used 3. We then stamped on using bleach which was great fun. I loved this. It was going to be for another picture but thought the orange reflected the buoys in the picture of a fishing boat in Mevagissey Harbour. I added the Fisherman's Prayer by Bernard Moore as my main journaling.

I had an excellent day as did the girls I went with Ann and Lesley.

My room is now usable and my projects finished so I am ready for what the New Year has to throw at me.