Monday, 28 December 2015

December means trees and gold and silver of course.

I made this page from all sorts of bits and pieces I had kept over the year. The off cuts of paper and ribbons that might just come in useful. I havent been on my blog much recently and hope to remedy this in the new year. I thougt I would refect on what has beena bit of a roller coaster of a year through each month.

January: Never a good month for me so snow drops wer a good theme. Hope that spring is round the corner.

February: I am not a slushy valentine person so did my on take on it. Also Farnborough craft show.

March: Spring is here, excellent. Plus a long weekend with my friend Vicky and Dina Wakeley. I got shingles just before but did not spoil the fun. Then an excellent Holiday with the Husband.

April: We made the decision to move house. The husbands job is under threat so down sizing and mortgage free is the way to go. Also I started a level 5 management course which is both scary and exciting.

May: I work in a doctors surgery and on the 6th one of the GP's died unexpectedly at the grand age of 46. On the Monday evening we said goodbye on our wayout and at 6am on Tuesday I had a phone call to say he had died during the night. This was an aweful time. I had to phone patients to cancel their appointments and explain that the doctor had died. On the first day I probably phoned about 50. It was hard to deal with the patients emotions while keeping mine in check. It was hard to be pink and flowers this month.

June: Dragon flies and lavender this month. I love lavender! Also learnt about brushos at the craft barn. I love them.

July: The house is sold yay. And more brushos at the craft barn. Finding work, course work and crafting hard to juggle. Craft wise doing the bare minimum.

August: Had enough of sweet and pretty and went for scary and gothic. My favourite. Holiday to Salzburg where we did all things sound of music. The city is beautiful I would reconmend it to all.

September: A course in Cornwall with Vicky and the talented Linda Knight. Marvellous!

October: Work and the course taking over everything. Only just get calender page done. We have been told our move is immenent so have packed up craft room and decluttered house garage etc.

November: Latest assignment is stress in the work place. Pah I have 2 people off with stress and working all hours. Makes for an interesting assignment if only I had time. Have you ever been so tired that you could just sit and cry? Also chain collapsed so delay on moving and husband has been given notice of redundancy. On a high note went with Vicky, Ann and Jenny to the nec craft show and signed up for Wanderlust 2016. A year long course in mixed media. Also new doctors have started at so patients are now happier as we have appointments!

December: It has been a long year. Some good and some not so good. It is always lovely to meet up and celebrate with family with good food and wine. So here is to the next. We have just chosen another house so fingers crossed. Onwards and upwards as they say.

Sorry if this has been a ramble but it is good to share so I am told. Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.