Thursday, 26 February 2015

craft Barn challenge anything tando


The challenge this week is to use any tando product. Now I know some of my stencils are tando but when I get them I take them out of the packet and put them with the rest. So I don't know which are or are not tando. I had a rummage in my stash and came across some people. Then I found a people quote which some days is me - dont you just want to shut yourself away from the world sometimes?

I painted white gesso on the back ground card and black gesso on the people. Using dyllusions and distress ink I made the background. I used a flower stencil as well. On the people, I spritzed watered down Indigo Blu miss money penny on the people and then used black soot distress ink to tone it down a bit.

The quote I used is 'Today was going great until, people'

Thanks for stopping by. X

Saturday, 21 February 2015

bathroom pictures part 2


So these are the pictures for the ensuite bathroom. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

The butterfly picture was made by up cycling a picture frame that I painted violet. The background is a set of stamps I had never used and the main butterfly is 3 stamps on Canvas with different colours. I put foam pads behind the wings to give a 3D image. The centre of the butterfly is from an old bag and the beaded hanger from beads my sister Jess made for me years ago. She is one talented lady

The larger piece I am really proud of. 

I used card from the back of a sketch pad and the card at the back of prescription pads. Firsty I covered the lot in gesso and the painted. The green is some well priced paint from Tiger. A most excellent shop full of odd and cheap bits. It comes from Denmark. I Covered the back with a nice thick layer of deco art crackle glaze and the result was great. I went over this with a was of burnt umber that filled the cracks. Due to the shininess of the glaze all the paint came off the surface so no change in colour of the background. The tiles are made are layers of thin card.

Next came the fun bit of decorating each tile. I went through my collection of metal and beads and found some interesting stuff. Much of these are old necklaces including the hearts. Distress ink and more paint was used and by the end I dont feel it was obvioulsy made of card and old beads. I am really proud of this up cycled piece of art.

Hope you agree. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

bathroom pictures part 1.


This last week I have given the bathrooms a fresh coat of paint, new towels and loo seats. It feels all fresh and lovely. It does need some new pictures though and I felt that I should be able to create some.

So here are they are

 I covered the canvas with gesso and then used texture paste through a button stencil. I then painted the canvas and some tiles. When dry I used a stamp I bought in France at the Paris scrap festival. I used antiquing cream and distress ink to add finishing touches.
This canvas was done in the same way but in different colours of course. These are for the family bathroom. When I have finished those for the ensuite I will show you them.

Hope you like.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Craft Barn mini album challenge


This week the challenge is to make a mini album. It can be of any sort or colour. For ages I have been meaning to do a mini tin album so here it is.

I used a tin that had anti snore mints in it. I covered it in gesso and then orange paint. It was a bit in your face so I added some distressing ink. Next was the inside, this was made with ribbon and card. I have lots of cream small off cuts that were just right for this. (I never throw anything away). I decorated using gelli prints from the other week and photos from Hillier Gardens. There was the most gorgeous friendly robin that came right up close. Of course I took a lot of photos. I have put in a couple of snowdrops and daffodils photos as well. On the back I wrote out a poem all about a Robin Redbreast.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

February is red and hearts

Craft barn calendar for February challenge is red and hearts. I like romance as much as the next girl, but I am not the tradional red roses type although Nigel ( long suffering craft husband) can always get me daffs and chocolates. So what to do for the challenge? I came up with the Queen of Hearts and went with something that I hope you think is a little different from the traditional valentines.

I painted on a wash in a quinacridone magenta and violet. Then added some diamonds in gesso and when dry went over with another thin wash to take the white glare off. It was then time for hearts which are texture paste mixed with black gesso though a hand made stencil. I added some treasure gold and red distress ink to finish. The queen was stamped on red and I cut out and decorated a crown and embellished with a skull.  I kept the calendar simple again and black inked around the hearts and crown. I then noticed by chance I had the word heart on the crown what luck!

 Hope you like.