Saturday, 21 February 2015

bathroom pictures part 2


So these are the pictures for the ensuite bathroom. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

The butterfly picture was made by up cycling a picture frame that I painted violet. The background is a set of stamps I had never used and the main butterfly is 3 stamps on Canvas with different colours. I put foam pads behind the wings to give a 3D image. The centre of the butterfly is from an old bag and the beaded hanger from beads my sister Jess made for me years ago. She is one talented lady

The larger piece I am really proud of. 

I used card from the back of a sketch pad and the card at the back of prescription pads. Firsty I covered the lot in gesso and the painted. The green is some well priced paint from Tiger. A most excellent shop full of odd and cheap bits. It comes from Denmark. I Covered the back with a nice thick layer of deco art crackle glaze and the result was great. I went over this with a was of burnt umber that filled the cracks. Due to the shininess of the glaze all the paint came off the surface so no change in colour of the background. The tiles are made are layers of thin card.

Next came the fun bit of decorating each tile. I went through my collection of metal and beads and found some interesting stuff. Much of these are old necklaces including the hearts. Distress ink and more paint was used and by the end I dont feel it was obvioulsy made of card and old beads. I am really proud of this up cycled piece of art.

Hope you agree.