Monday, 9 February 2015

Craft Barn mini album challenge


This week the challenge is to make a mini album. It can be of any sort or colour. For ages I have been meaning to do a mini tin album so here it is.

I used a tin that had anti snore mints in it. I covered it in gesso and then orange paint. It was a bit in your face so I added some distressing ink. Next was the inside, this was made with ribbon and card. I have lots of cream small off cuts that were just right for this. (I never throw anything away). I decorated using gelli prints from the other week and photos from Hillier Gardens. There was the most gorgeous friendly robin that came right up close. Of course I took a lot of photos. I have put in a couple of snowdrops and daffodils photos as well. On the back I wrote out a poem all about a Robin Redbreast.