Monday, 18 November 2013

Do You Do Voodoo


It has been a while since I have posted anything, but, life is like that sometimes. I have been to Barcelona and the architecture! Gaudi and the other modernistas were very talented. I am a little bereft of pictures as I managed to leave my camera on a city tour bus. What an idiot...

So today I am going to show my Voodoo Box that I made the end of October with Andy Skinner. I dragged my friend Vicky who doesn't do skeletons but we both had a great time. Vicky did not make her painting so dark and replaced the skull with a clock and the words 'Time Flies' instead of 'do you do voodoo' so all was good.

We were give a box, material, chip board and paint. Painting is always the best bit. Seeing what you are making taking shape and not looking like a bunch of stuff randomly stuck together. 

The skull and wings had fine detail added to it. I am pleased how the hinges etc came out as they look quite metallic.

Time ran out so the back had to be done at home. I used texture paste through a skull mask and when dried painted and highlighted and painted again. I very happy with the result. I am suppose to make a voodoo doll to go with this but a bit dubious about doing such things.