Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dip Dip Dip My Blue Ship..

I was thrown down a challenge by Ruth of http://brightshinysparklycrafting.blogspot.co.uk to create something out of bits and pieces found in my kitchen junk draw. You know the one.. where you throw all allen keys, screws, bits from flat packs and other bits and bobs - there was even a bearing from a skate board wheel. For a while I wanted to have a go at a boat picture I had seen in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I thought the round bits and bobs could be the sea.

I stuck on the bits and bobs with silicone glue, sealed and then put gesso on. Next I covered the sky with blue tissue paper and wrapped multicoloured tissue paper around the stuck on objects. I then got creative with Stuart Gill paints, stamps, dylusions ink and guilding stuff. Finally I added a boat that was cut from a scrap of gelli plate printing a while ago. (see, never throw anything out you never know when you need it!) I am quite new to this especially doing it on my own  and I am really quite pleased with result.