Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 7 the melt pot

Today I have had a fantastic time playing with a melt pot. I don't own one so this was an excellent opportunity to try. We covered a canvas board in music paper which was then lightly covered in gesso and then distressed and stamped.

We then melted wax on to it and guilded. The feather and girl are made from plaster of paris but everything else is melt pot. 
The flower and frame are moulds.
The leaves are covered metal leaves giving a stained glass look.
The face and bird are cookie cutters - the bird was put on top of a stamp first.
The plaques are a metal frame over a stamp and the frame is removed once set.
The bottle top has a paper disc and camera put in it and then filled.
Everything had guilding wax added to give it an antique look.
Thanks Jenny for a lovely day.