Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day 4 Tags for Cards

A busy morning. I paid bills, picked up dry cleaning, booked cats into cattery, de flea'd said cats (they wont talk to me now!), a trip to the chemist and eyebrows shaped all by 10am.

This was so I could relax and enjoy tags for cards at These were beautiful and involved embossing, metal work and distressing. My fingers were quite grubby by the end. However I can only show one as the other two are for up and coming birthdays. This tag card is embossed and sanded black metal and die cut cogs painted in silver distress paint. The card background is an Indigo Blue stamp. A heart and cog were added and ribbon as a finishing touch. 

I think my Dad will like this - although a silver surfer he does not read my blog so he will not see this. It was a great day.