Sunday, 16 March 2014

Craft Barn challenge road or art

These are great words but which quote or lyric to choose? My entry this week is a scrap book page.

Last year I went to Leith Tower and the path back was lined with trees. Even in the some it had a cool gloomy feel. I edited my picture in photo shop and somehow (not sure how) managed to get everything black and white except some of the leaves which remained green. It reminded me of the road Frodo, Samwise, Merry and Pippin were on when they first came across the Dark Rider and had an inkling their quest was quite serious and possibly dangerous.

My quote 'From inside the hood came a noise as of someone sniffing to catch an elusive scent; the head turned from side to side of the road' is from the Fellowship of the Ring by J R Tolkien. One of my favourite books.

I covered some paper in gesso and stamped leaves into and added text from the book printed on handmade paper. (Nigel would not let me tear the book up) and this was also lightly covered. Next I added some green paint splodged through textured ribbon, when it dried it was too bright so more gesso added. I then distressed the edges with forest moss. The middle had a pale grey added with kitchen roll so it did not go too thick. then more leaves added in the forest moss.

Finally it was time for the photo and embellishments. I am very pleased with this.