Monday, 10 February 2014

Let's Crochet

This weekend is the first time I have tried crochet since hurting my hand. I have to say it is very stiff today. I forgot virtually everything I learnt and had to go back to the very basics. I can now chain and double crochet. I glad no one saw me as I must be the most cack handed crochet person ever..but I got something made.

One of the first things I put on this blog was a very wobbly phone case. A new bag has been got from Sea Salt and it needed a matching phone case. So after much effort, undoing, swearing and cups of tea there was success - and it is better than my last effort. Now I have to master treble crochet so I can make flowers, lace and hearts.

They go well together and bring a bit of Spring colour even though it is still raining.

Hope you like