Thursday, 27 February 2014

Craft barn challenge marriage or age.

Well it has to be The Age of Aquarius.. doesn't it? I decided to do this in water colour. It seems when I paint in water colour it is either bright and in your face or washed out and I haven't enjoyed the experience that much. How do people get the pastel look? However, this called for  'in your face' as only flower power can be. I vaguely remember in the past of someone colouring a page with lots of colour and then drawing on the shapes afterwards..maybe it was an art programme I watched on BBC with the children..who knows.

So out came my barely used paints and painted the bottom half of the page in in reds and pinks plus splashes of green and a touch of blue and the top half in yellows and a splash of pure sunshine dylusions. In the corner I drew all the signs of the zodiac with Aquarius the largest and the words of the chorus flowing from it.  The dots of the eyes are tiny flower drawn with intense pencils. Finally I painted on the flower outline. I have to say I am well pleased and will persevere at water colours.