Thursday, 7 January 2016

My 1st week of Wanderlust.

I have joined an online journal and mixed media course called Wanderlust.

This week we started our Wanderlust journal, Kasia asked us to think of a word that describes you at this moment in time. Tired describes me to a T. I hate winter especially when raining as much as it has. Cold frosty mornings are good but we have none of them in the UK at the moment. Leaving for work in the dark and returning in the dark is not my idea of fun. Today I did leave work at 2pm so had a lovely afternoon crafting. Forget housework it will still be there tomorrow!

So brand new journal used especially for this project. I used the word tired and then all different words that can mean the same. The pictures of flowers are bleeding hearts which mocks my whinging. I love the stamp of the she hopeful, wistful, dreaming or tired.

Hope you like.