Sunday, 31 January 2016


I have joined an excellent on line class called Wanderlust. This is proving to be just what I need. So many ideas and challenges. This post encompasses 2 classes and one challenge.

Kate Crane taught us how to make a travel journel. This was fun especially as I knew I would use it for Marrakech. The journal was all painted and decorated before going so writing and pictures could be added as I went along. I also bought my self an instant camera so I could capture the moment. The result is great and I have already recorded memories.

In the next class Kasia showed what art stuff to pack when going away. I just feel I need everything which is not practicle on any level, I would a packing case! So I packed water colours, water brush and spritzer, pencils and a few journal pens. I created 3 watercolours and I am well chuffed. Who would have thought it paint.

The January challenge for a load of decoart goodies was a journal page following Kasia's rule and on 'Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that sets you free'. In a square I was taking a picture of a snake charmer and before I knew it a snake was placed around my neck. Eek, I hate snakes. I did deem it a good subject for this challenge though. So here it is.