Thursday, 27 November 2014

Craft Barn Challenge journey and/or friendship

For this challenge I chose the word journey and a quote from The Incredible String Band's song Ducks on a Pond. Lyrics and video can be found here  and here

The lyrics are odd to say the least but I do love the band. The 1st verse is:

Ducks on a pond, ducks on a pond
Very pretty swimming round
The lion and the unicorn journey very far
The answers are the question, sir
The lady soothes the lion's fur
Meek as a lamb he follows her
Wherever angels are
Sing me something

I printed out a picture of a lion and unicorn that I felt suited the 'mystical' air of the song, then spritzed and stamped a back ground. One of the bands album covers had 60's bubble writing around a picture so I thought I would do the problem I cant do bubble writing! So this is my take on it. I then added a border with twiddly bits. This has got be me to listening to album ( Wee Tam) while checking out other peoples entries.

Hope you like.