Sunday, 10 August 2014

A reading for a wedding.


Those that know me know I freak if I have to make something for someone else. My creativity shrivels up and I end up a bit of a wreck. I can make cards to give people, but that extra step of making something for someone to give someone else is a step too far. My friend Sam is doing a reading at her sisters wedding and she asked if I would make a double sided card for it to give to her sister to keep afterwards. So deep breathe and I went for it.

It had to have cup cakes, photography and an anchor on it. I downloaded lots of photography related images plus a picture of a pint glass with  bike on that Sam liked on to publisher. Put them together, turned them sepia and then a little paler. I did not find an anchor but did find a lovely quote :

You are the anchor to my heart

a cup cake was made and cut in half. For the front I painted a heart and wings and Sam wrote her reading which was stuck down and surrounded by lace. I am quite pleased with the result and hope Sam and the couple like it too.