Sunday, 3 May 2015

Night and Day

When on holiday recently we looked across the bay and saw what looked liked a giant owl with glowing yellow eyes. In the day we could not make out the shape at all and assumed it was how the beach lift there was lit. But what if it wasn't. What is night shows the true image...

So the craft barn gave a challenge night and day and this gave me an oportunity to explore. I started with 2 tags and grunge pasted a skull on each. I gesso'd one black and one white. On the day one I painted it pale blue and added rocks and a red and white lighthouse. On the night one I added a black lighthouse and highlighted the skull.

I then decided to make a journalling page out of it all. No white space - sorry Dina  I forgot about that but I did ground my lines. I hope this fits in okay with the day and night challenge.