Sunday, 18 January 2015

Craft Barn Calendar Challange

This year the Craft Barn are running two challenges. It will be interesting to see if I can keep up with both!

So the calendar challenge and January, and the words are aqua and snowflakes. I have decided to make a perpetual calendar and have the frame work already for this from a calender I made about 4/5 years ago. So off came all the original art work and on with new.

I decided on snow drops as the are perfect for the theme and always give me the feeling spring is just around the corner. I used colour bloom on water colour paper for the background and then put on a snow flake mask and gave it another spray. With a stencil I used gesso to give a little texture.

I cut small strips of green satin for the petals (the camera has not picked up the colour well- sorry) and used tissue paper for the flowers. I over sewed the the top part of the flower to bulbous bit where flower and stalk join. Finally I added beads to give it a sparkly look and add the green at the tip of each petal, a bit of lace and label of the flower and I have finished. The calender part I kept simple.

I am going to enjoy this challenge I think. Hope you like.